4 Interesting Facts About Elvis Presley

You cannot talk about music without the mention of Elvis Presley. He was a legend who inspires people to this day with his songs never losing their grip on all who listen to them. While so many can sing along to almost every tune he released, there are some things not well known. Below are 4 fascinating facts about Elvis Presley that might intrigue you.

1. He had an identical twin brother

Elvis was born 35 minutes later after Jesse Garon, his identical twin brother. Unfortunately, Jesse was stillborn and was buried on January 9, 1935, a day after their birth, in an unmarked grave at Priceville Cemetery. Elvis always talked about his twin brother, maybe missing him despite the fact he grew up in a low-income family. Still, Elvis beat all odds to be the first one in his immediate family to get a high school diploma. Imagine if his brother grew up to be talented as Elvis; we would have had a double dose of music genius to last a lifetime – read article on elvis as a child.

2. Elvis was in the army

You would think that after being famous, Elvis would be content basking in his riches. However, in March 1958, he joined the military as a private through induction and started basic training in Fort Hood, Texas after his assignment to the Second Armored Division. In September 1958, Elvis shipped out to Friedberg, West Germany for an assignment under the Third Armored Division. There, he was the jeep driver, and his fans continued to show him support by posting mail. He climbed up the ranks to attain the position of a sergeant after which in March 1960, he was honorably discharged from active duty.

3. Elvis never traveled outside of North America to perform

For a man who had a global following of fans, Elvis Presley never performed outside of North America. While most of his sales, 60%, were in the United States, he still did not go to perform for the rest of the world that accounted for 40% of his music sales. The only time Elvis went out of the United States was for several concerts in Canada in 1957. After that, Elvis never stepped out of the U.S to do shows on foreign soil. It is strange, and some sources claim that it was the fault of the manager, Colonel Parker, since he declined lucrative offers for performances abroad.

The reason given is that Colonel Parker was in the United States illegally and was afraid immigration would never allow him back to the U.S of he left for overseas.

4. Elvis purchased the presidential yacht of Franklin Roosevelt

Franklin Delano Roosevelt or rather FDR used his Potomac as a floating White House in the period running from 1936 to 1945. Elvis bought it in 1964 after it was decommissioned in 1945 following the death of Roosevelt. However, Elvis donated the Potomac to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital which then sold it to raise the money. The vessel is currently open to the public after the U.S Customs seized it in 1980, in San Francisco after discovering drug smugglers were using it.